The apex of expertise and empathy

Bringing together science, technology, expertise,
and a human touch...

Dr. Vokshoor's neurosurgical team delivers the highest level of care with compassion and empathy. Through a fusion of scientific innovation and surgical expertise, we have composed state-of-the-art algorithms to treat the full spectrum of adult brain and spinal disorders.

Our multidisciplinary approach emphasizes overall wellness, functional outcomes and optimal performance. We enjoy the expertise and collaboration of a group of specialists from diverse fields such as orthopedics, neurology, psychology, psychiatry, pain management, internal medicine, chiropractic medicine, nutrition, genetics, rhumetology and physiatry.

We routinely perform minimally-invasive brain and spine surgeries, allowing for shorter recovery and earlier return to full activity. While surgery is often a last resort, our ultimate goal to allow our patients to resume their previous lifestyle and maintain or regain their potential capability.

Our oath is innovation, integrity and an unremitting commitment to patient care.

We take a personalized approach to care especially in educating our patients about various interventional and conservative options.

We have convenient offices in Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Newport Beach and West Hills, serving the greater Los Angeles area.